Living with a narcissist mom

Well, there are many of us who have been in a toxic relationship with our parent and are completely oblivious about it. The google results on searching such a topic generally land you on pages relating to psychology giving insights into the personality traits of a person with a narcissist state of mind. It may be mind […]

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Meniscus injury

An ardent sports lover at heart and a fitness freak,  I often end up hurting myself in ways that take time to heal.  Going back six months from now,  while playing in a badminton tourney and in a stride to win,  I ended up twisting my knee and hurting the back part if it (it […]

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Double Exposure

Originally posted on run with mu:
I always feel runner’s envy when I see those panoramic shots in magazines of runners floating along pristine trails high in the Rockies or some other spectacular wilderness location.  It’s hardly realistic to expect the same visual magnificence from my routine neighborhood runs – but looking at “runner porn”…

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Growing up as an Army brat

Had wished to write blogs since i was a teen. Finally the endeavor took off. Here is my first WordPress blogging stint. I am new to this website but an avid learner. I’ll start with something basic which would connect with my subsequent blogs. I am an Army BRAT(born, raised and transferred). All our lives we’ve been transferred every […]

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